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The Faculty of Business and Economics (FBE), began enrolling students in the two undergraduate programs of Business Administration and Economics in 1986. Our student numbers have since grown from 40 to more than 2,000 with 15 Undergraduate, 23 Masters and 4 Doctoral programs offered directly by our Faculty or by the School of Business and Finance division of our Faculty. Students are approximately 15% local, 70% from the Middle East, Africa, Central Asia, and the Balkans and another 15% from Turkey. We employ over 50 full-time and 30 part-time faculty and 35 research assistants. 

At the FBE we acknowledge the centrality of our teaching mission and strive for excellence and innovation in all our programs. We place great emphasis on teaching effectiveness, encouraging the use of interactive teaching methods such as projects, case studies, exercises, group work and class discussions. We promote the philosophy that students must become active learners; participating in interactive methods rather than just passively listening to lectures. We therefore avoid the use of large lecture halls and place students in classes that typically have an enrollment of less than 40.

Students are encouraged to visit their instructors or assistants if they have any issues requiring further clarification. In addition to program specific learning outcomes, we expect that upon graduation all our students will have gained the ability to demonstrate communication skills, possess analytical and problem solving skills, be aware of ethical issues, be knowledgeable about information technology applications and have an understanding of global issues.

FBE has four departments: The Department of Business Administration aims to provide the managers of the future with analytic skills and knowledge in a wide range of areas including production, marketing, finance, human resources, knowledge management, and strategic planning; The Department of Political Science and International Relations strives to prepare students to understand and contribute to a dynamic world of growing political complexity; The Department of Economics seeks to provide a sound knowledge of economic principles, equipping students with analytical skills and contributing to their capacity for team work in a fast globalizing world economy; The Department of Banking and Finance offers professionally-oriented programs, supported by broad-based coursework in liberal arts.

FBE is the leading academic center in social sciences in North Cyprus. We take pride in the high academic standards we uphold while sustaining a student-friendly environment. Faculty members are well qualified with doctoral degrees from leading universities. They remain current in their teaching fields through research and publications in top scholarly journals and are regularly consulted in the media and by public and private organizations as authorities in their fields. We also run several collaborative projects with the Chambers of Commerce and Industry and other stakeholders.

Commitment to providing high quality education integrating both theory and practice endows our students with the applicable skills and knowledge required for successful careers. Our international faculty, diverse student body, strong links to local and international business communities along with academic relationships forged with international partners, provide a learning environment well suited to the demands of a global economy. Our global focus further contributes to employability in both national and international job markets. Graduates are employed by organizations in both private and public sectors, some also proceeding to further academic studies.

FBE is a member of AACSB International, ECPR: European Consortium for Political Research and PRME. 

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