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Digital Marketing Challenge

Published Date: Wednesday, 17 March 2021
Invitation from Bogazici University

Bogazici University Management and Economics club, is Turkey’s most established and innovative club, with 6 different sub-committees, it organizes activities in different fields. Brand and Marketing sub-committee offers the chance of experiencing the many areas of digital marketing with the free of charge excitement of competition for students studying in distinguished universities in Turkey, through the dates 29th of March- 18th of April. On the way we sat off with the motto “Where Challenge Goes Digital”, we prepared a three- stage competition structure for our participants as pre-elimination, semi-final and final. According to this structure, competitors who have successfully passed the pre-elimination case, will experience the digital marketing’s content by preparing a blog and social media content in line with the brief they will receive in semi-final. Competitors who have successfully completed the semi-final stage, will solve a digital marketing case in the final, and according to their rankings, they will receive big awards.



We are at the promoting stage of our online event, that Turkey’s successful students will compete and where many authorized names from the digital marketing sector will be the jury members. We want to invite your students to our event, we believe, it will enhance many skills to the students that are enthusiastic about digital marketing.


For information and details about our event, you can visit: website,

for free of charge registration; you can visit the website