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School of Business and Finance

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The School of Business and Finance is established in 2007 under the administrative umbrella of the Faculty of Business and Economics. The School is administered and is supported academically by the two Departments of Faculty of Business and Economics, namely, Department of Business Administration and Department of Banking and Finance. The School operates under the mission of the Faculty of Business of Economics which is primarily committed to providing high quality education for students in the Eastern Mediterranean as well as in the contiguous regions with an emphasis on empirical research concerning the issues in these regions complemented by service to the community. The School follows a two-tiered curriculum, with foundation courses during the first two years providing preparation for specialized courses during the junior and senior years. The programs provide essential training and expertise to students who are well prepared for careers in the business and public sector organizations as well as in the government. 

The School uses all facilities of the Faculty of Business and Economics. These facilities include air- conditioned classrooms equipped with multimedia facilities and internet. For application oriented courses, there are three computer labs with 30 computers in each equipped all essential software for effective teaching. There is also an open computer lab service with a capacity of 40 computers and students can freely use this lab during the day. There are also wireless internet hot spots throughout the private set-ups, non-governmental organizations, media and communication industry. 

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Eastern Mediterranean University
School of Business and Finance
Famagusta, North Cyprus
Mersin 10, Turkey 

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