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Published Date: Friday, 1 November 2019

The Faculty of Business and Economics (FBE) organised the 4th ECOBUS FEST on 31st October, Thursday. The theme of the event for this year was 'Climate Change'. Students enjoyed the whole event with the DJ performance and had various activities including singing, dancing, drawing activities, game tournaments, open-mic performances to present their talents. They played crash quiz game on climate related information. In addition to having fun, students also contributed to social responsibility activities in the event. They shared their old books to be re-used, sold plants and are ready to donate the income to charities. 




The winners of the game tournaments were awarded modest prizes and medals by the Dean, Prof. Dr. Seldjan Timur. In her talk, Prof. Timur congratulated all the winners and performers. Prof. Timur also presented her sincere thanks to all the student clubs, students and staff for their participation and contribution to the event.

The ECOBUS event also gave prospective FBE students studying in the Preparatory School and existing FBE students the opportunity to come together with academic and administrative staff of the Faculty. The 4th ECOBUS FEST was received with enthusiasm and excitement by everyone.

We are ready to see you all in the 5th ECOBUS FEST… 

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