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EMU Graduate Khalil Nur Khalil Becomes the Youngest Director of Nigeria Kaduna State

EMU Graduate Khalil Nur Khalil Becomes the Youngest Director of Nigeria Kaduna State
Published Date: Friday, 12 March 2021

Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU), Faculty of Business and Economics, Department of Economics 2016-2017 Academic Year Spring Semester Graduate Khalil Nur Khalil has been appointed as the Investment Intelligence Director of Nigeria's Kaduna State Investment Promotion Agency (KADIPA) at the age of 28. EMU graduate Khalil thus became the youngest person to obtain the title of director of a public institution in Kaduna State. Khalil Nur Khalil, who has made a name for himself with his success while studying at the EMU Faculty of Business and Economics Department of Economics, was a high honour student every semester and ranked first among the most successful graduates of EMU with an average of 3.98. After a while, he assumed the title of director, making both his instructors at his faculty and the EMU Family proud.

What Does EMU's Successful Graduate Khalil Do?

KADIPA Investment Intelligence Director Khalil Nur Khalil is the director of the Investment Intelligence Unit. The unit, which produces investment attracting strategies for Kaduna State, also conducts economic research, collects investment data and analytics. The unit pioneers Kaduna State's strategic economic investment programs by implementing Business Environment Reforms, while advising the State on articulating clear growth and development strategies.

“I Thank My Instructors”

Commenting on the subject, Khalil Nur Khalil stated that the quality education he received at EMU contributed greatly to his career success. Khalil Nur Khalil said “I owe a big thanks to all my instructors and advisors at EMU Business and Economics Faculty, especially to Prof. Dr. Vedat Yorucu, Prof. Dr. Hasan Güngör and Sen. Inst. Berkan Tokar for the impressive discussions we had, all of which revived my interest in the field of economics and enabled me to pursue a career in the field of development space. 

Advice to His Young Friends

Khalil Nur Khalil, who also gave advice to his young friends studying at EMU Faculty of Business and Economics, said, “My advice to them is to ensure they exploit all the time they have now in campus to figure out how the world works, they should take time to develop metacognitive skills and make the most out of any opportunities they come across for placements/internships & work experience. They should realize that there are no shortcuts in this life and hard work will always pay off in the end no matter how long it takes.”