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EMU Academic Staff Member Prof. Dr. Balcılar in the World Humanitarian Summit

EMU Academic Staff Member Prof. Dr. Balcılar in the World Humanitarian Summit
Published Date: Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Eastern Mediterranean University, Business and Economics Faculty, Economics Department Chair Prof. Dr. Mehmet Balcılar is contributing to the UN organised World Humanitarian Summit by undertaking duties in the Political and Strategic Documentation Group.

During the event which has the aim of finding innovative ways to make humanitarian action more effective through the participation of 52 scientists from different regions of the world, Prof. Dr. Balcılar will be representing the Republic of Turkey and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

Prof. Dr. Balcılar, who is also an advisor at the Turkish Republic Disaster and Emergency Management Ministry, stated that he undertook the duty in the World Humanitarian Summit upon the Turkish Republic's recommendation. Stating that a preparation period of two years took place for the summit, Prof. Dr. Balcılar put forth that the aforesaid summit will take place in İstanbul in May 2016 and will hopefully shape the system regarding the UN's humanitarian aids. Stating that through regional consultations with different organisations the group has conducted an evaluation of the prioritized issues in the respective regions, Prof. Dr. Balcılar put forth that Bosphorus Convention will emerge in line with demands of the stakeholders.

Stating that the current system is unable to cater for the demands of millions of people, Prof. Dr. Balcılar said that the summit is of vital importance in bringing together the members of the UN for the formation of a new vision, perspective and system. Prof. Dr. Balcılar also added that international meetings about the summit the last of which took place in Switzerland between 18 and 21 November 2014 are being held and will continue to take place at various other places throughout the world.

Prof. Dr. Balcılar stated that humaniatarian effectiveness, reducing vulnerability and managing risk, transformation through innovation and serving the needs of people in conflict will serve as the four themes of the summit. Prof. Dr. Balcılar added that during the summit in May, the ultimate strategy will be formulated.

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