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Student of EMU Authors a Book

Student of EMU Authors a Book
Published Date: Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Eastern Mediterranean University, Business and Economics Faculty, Political Science and International Relations Department third year student Omo Ovie Ogbodu is finalising the preparations for the publication of his own book entitled "The Historic African", produced with the aim of relieving the difficulties people may encounter during their lifepath. The book which will be published in January 2015 will be available in many countries including the TRNC.

After leaving his home country Nigeria to further his education in EMU, Ogbodu came across unpredicted events in his life and he deemed it imperative that he uses this memoir as a guide to his generation and the ones after him. The content of his book "The Historic African" features detailed events of what was and currently is in the life of the author, whose sole vision behind the publication of the book is to expose to his generation the turbulence that they might come across their journey to building true success and accomplishment in their respective fields of endeavor.

Stating his appreciation of EMU's international and multicultural qualities, Ogbodu put forth that he chose EMU for his studies after a detailed research. Ogbodu also stated that Eastern Mediterranean University has a reputable place among the best universities offering studies throughout the world. Ogbodu put forth that the right address for international education and a respectable prospective career is Eastern Mediterranean University. 

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