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Graduates of EMU Pursue Success Worldwide

Graduates of EMU Pursue Success Worldwide
Published Date: Thursday, 5 February 2015

Eastern Mediterranean University Business and Economics Faculty, Business Department postgraduate program 2014 graduate Jessica Gemayel is successfully employed as the head of the departments of Marketing and Public Relations at the Federal Bank of Lebanon in Beirut.

Having completed her undergraduate studies in France, Gemayel was impressed with the high quality education offered by EMU at international standards and decided to pursue her postgraduate studies here.

Gemayel stated that following her graduation from EMU, she applied for a position at the Federal Bank of Lebanon and was given the opportunity to become the head of the departments of Marketing and Public Relations. Gemayel also put forth that before her arrival at the bank, both departments did not exist so she had to set them up. Gemayel explained that she is responsible for planning, developing, implementing and overseeing all strategies of the bank as well as the activities in the areas of marketing, customer servicing, branding, communications and public relations, both internally and externally. Gemayel is also responsible for editorial direction, design, production and distribution of all publications of the bank.

Putting forth that EMU is indeed a great university, Gemayel stated that there is so much to see, learn and experience in this multicultural institution, both inside and outside the classroom. Gemayel also added that she cannot imagine a better study abroad experience than the one provided by EMU. Finally, Gemayel stated that the education she received in EMU provided her with the extra boost and credibility at her current employment.

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