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EMU Business Administration Postgraduate Program Produces Its First Graduates

EMU Business Administration Postgraduate Program Produces Its First Graduates
Published Date: Thursday, 5 March 2015

Offered within the framework of the postgraduate programs by Eastern Mediterranean University with the aim of providing an alternative to TRNC nationals who reside and work within Nicosia region and, at the same time, who wish to pursue postgraduate studies, Business and Economics Faculty, Business Administration Postgraduate Program produced its first graduates at the end of the 2014-2015 Academic Year Fall Semester.

EMU – COOP general secretary Hüseyin Tabur, who registered for the program during 2012-2013 Academic Year Spring Semester, is living the excitement and happiness of his graduation. Stating that his first choice in his postgraduate studies was EMU, Tabur put forth that he benefitted a lot from specialised academic staff as well as the well-coordinated system the program introduced.

Tabur added that courses and applications offered within the framework of the Turkish Higher Education Board (YÖK) approved program expanded their horizons and equipped them with information regarding the latest business, banking and other economic systems applied worldwide. Tabur also stated that projects and research opportunities offered within the framework of the program refreshed their existing knowledge and supported their administrative skills in providing fast and modern solutions in their careers. Tabur put forth that the program equipped him with skills to make annual plans, develop strategies, calculate costs, prepare prospective economic programs, better understand organisational structures within the institution, collect and report statistical data and many other career related issues. Thanking all those who contributed to his studies, Tabur recommends the postgraduate program offered by EMU to all those wishing to develop themselves.

As known to all, EMU started offering Business and Economics Faculty's Banking and Finance (Turkish, non-thesis), Business Administration (Turkish, thesis / non-thesis), Managerial Economics (Turkish, non-thesis) and Financial Economics (Turkish / non-thesis) postgraduate programs in Nicosia.

Further information about the programs may be obtained from EMU Business and Economics Faculty

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