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Students of EMU Visited Old People’s Homes

Students of EMU Visited Old People’s Homes
Published Date: Friday, 19 June 2015

Eastern Mediterranean University Community Involvement Center has introduced another meaningful civic involvement project which involved visits to two different old people's homes in Famagusta.

Visit to the Community Foundation Old People's Home

EMU, Business and Economics Faculty, Business Department and Communication and Media Studies Faculty, Public Relations and Advertising students paid a visit to the Community Foundation Old People's Home at Sınırüstü village within the framework of the Community Service Applications course delivered by EMU academic staff member Barış Başel.

Within the framework of the project organized by EMU Business Department students Mert Kartal, Kerim Salman, Tayfun Güzel, Ceyhun Behgudzade, Vugar Atazade and Public Relations and Advertising Department student Hasan Hasanzade, old people residing at the Community Foundation's Old People's Home were visited. After spending some time with the old people, visiting students planted trees and painted the balcony fences of the aforesaid place. Following garden cleaning and maintenance, visiting students put on the barbecue and cooked kebab for the old residents of the place. Stating their happiness with the visit, residents of the old people's home expressed their hope to see the students again in the near future.

Visit to Nilce Nursing Home

Another social responsibility project which took place with the participation of EMU Education Faculty 3rd year students İzdem Topal, Resmiye Gürtop and Esra Çınarbaş and under the supervision of academic staff member Barış Başel involved a visit to Famagusta Nilce Nursing Home. As part of the visit which took place under the theme 'Aging is in Fact a Quiet Revolution', old people had delightful moments with the visiting students. Having taken place under the sponsorship of Eastern Mediterranean University Academic Union and Aydınsoy Boutique, cakes and various gifts were presented to old people at Nilce Nursing Home. As part of the event, EMU Health Sciences Faculty, First and Emergency Aid Department student Abdülselam Akalp played the saz and sang folk songs with old residents of the nursing home.

After the completion of the visit, participating students expressed that they are extremely touched by the visit as the old residents stated that they are not visited by their family members. The visiting team also thanked academic staff members Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hamit Caner and Assist. Prof. Dr. Hasan Altıok for their support.

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