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EMU Graduate Pursues Success in the Music Sector of Turkey

EMU Graduate Pursues Success in the Music Sector of Turkey

Eastern Mediterranean University, Business and Economics Faculty, Business Department 2007 graduate Serkar Kale has been working as the vocalist of a Turkish music group called 34 AYAR since 2009.

Kale stated that during his studies at Eastern Mediterranean University, he was a member and the vice chair of EMU Music Club. Kale also added during his time in EMU, he was part of a music band named M.A.Ç.A, who performed in various places in Famagusta as well as other universities within the TRNC.

Highlighting the existence of a dynamic student life within Famagusta as well as the TRNC, Kale added that working as a club vice chair during his student years contributed to the start of his music career. Kale also expressed his admiration towards EMU regarding its multi-cultural and international environment and added that along with the provision of high quality study opportunities, Eastern Mediterranean University also equips students with self-confidence and a spirit of entrepreneurship. 

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Published Date
July 6, 2015