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ICBFP'2023 - International Conference on Banking and Finance Perspectives

Published Date: Monday, 30 October 2023

The Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU), Faculty of Business and Economics, Banking and Finance Department hosted the 7th International Banking and Finance Perspectives Conference this year. Sponsored by Garanti BBVA, the opening ceremony of the conference took place on Thursday, 19 October, 2023, at 10:00 a.m. at the Rector’s Office Building, Senate Meeting Hall

EMU Acting Rector Prof. Dr. Mustafa Tümer, Rauf Raif Denktaş University Rector Prof. Dr. Hasan Ali Bıçak, Faculty of Business and Economics Dean Prof. Dr. Mustafa Besim, Banking and Finance Department Chair Prof. Dr. Salih Katırcıoğlu, Garanti BBVA TRNC General Manager Elif Altınkol Menteş, Cooperative Central Bank General Manager Kemal Ataman and Assistant Manager Orhan Bürüncük were present during the opening ceremony

Delivering a speech during the event, Business and Economics Faculty, Department of Banking and Finance academic staff member and Chair of the Conference Organizing Committee Prof. Dr. Nesrin Özataç welcomed everyone attending the event and provided information on the conference. Prof. Dr. Özataç stated that their goal is to contribute to the country’s academic life by creating a platform for the sharing of the latest research in banking and finance, as well as discussing opportunities and risks in global and financial markets. Prof. Dr. Özataç mentioned that experts from different countries have applied to the conference and emphasized that 45 papers will be presented in 6 different sessions during the conference. Prof. Dr. Özataç expressed gratitude to those who contributed to the organization of the conference and to the conference’s sponsor, Garanti BBVA. EMU Acting Rector Prof. Dr. Mustafa Tümer commenced his speech by welcoming the participants of the event and thanking everyone who has contributed to the organization of the event. Emphasizing that the conference in question includes valuable presentations, Prof. Dr. Tümer mentioned that experts from various countries will present their papers and emphasized his belief that the conference will make a significant contribution to the banking sector and literature.

Following the opening speeches, Prof. Dr. Tümer presented traditional Cypriot Lefkara panels to Garanti BBVA TRNC General Manager Elif Altınkol Menteş and guest speaker Prof. Dr. Arman Eshraghi. 





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